We’re looking for the most curious people in the world. We’ll give you responsibility fast, while helping you develop the skills to succeed. We help our clients learn and grow each day. You will too.

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

GLG connects top professionals with key experts for insight, advice, and perspective. We serve the world’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, corporations, consulting firms, nonprofits, and startups. Our professional services teams – research, sales, and account management – work with our clients to curate custom learning experiences with our teaching membership of leading thinkers and practitioners. We together support a dedicated book of current and prospective client relationships, designing and facilitating bespoke learning opportunities, including conversations, mentorships, small group convenings, surveys, and other interactions.

GLG research professionals become learning partners for our clients. They get to know clients and their particular needs, and they marshal GLG’s unique resources to deliver meaningful learning experiences, uncover crucial insights, and drive better decisions.

Engineers & Developers

Engineers & Developers

GLG fosters thousands of learning engagements a week around the world. Our clients learn continuously from our diverse global membership of 400,000 experts. Our engineers power that reach. We rely on technology for searching, scheduling, data mining, recruiting, logistics, and tracking. Our engineers make it happen, and make it faster and better.

We believe people do their best work on projects that capture their interest. So GLG engineers choose their own projects, engaging with business operators across the company directly – no project management, no product management. We believe engineering at GLG should feel like working on an open-source project with your friends. Our engineers work in offices across the company, including Austin, Boston, Dublin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and, San Francisco.

Students & Recent Graduates

Students & Recent Graduates

GLG hires curious and courageous professionals and gives them actionable responsibility quickly. GLGers come from distinctive professional and academic backgrounds and act with integrity, intensity, creativity, and professionalism. They work with and learn from top professionals around the world on a daily basis.

The GLG associate program places talented recent graduates on specialized research teams alongside seasoned Research Managers. These teams work closely with our business development teams, delivering our clients unique learning engagements with excellent service.

Recent college graduates at GLG enter the associate program in Austin or Dublin, depending on their region. After training with and learning from their colleagues, associates should be prepared for Research Manager positions in their region or in another of GLG’s 21 offices in 12 countries around the world.

Culture and Values

Our mission is to transform the way the world’s top professionals share expertise and learn. We incorporate our values into everything we do:

  • Learning and Curiosity Learning and Curiosity

    We value and encourage curiosity.
    Our employees, Council Members, and clients see themselves as lifelong learners.
    We’re excited about new ideas.
    We see expanding our personal and professional expertise as essential and meaningful.

  • Responsibility Responsibility

    We believe that with our mission comes responsibility.
    We abide by the highest professional standards.
    We are proud of the investments we have made and continue to make in compliance – which is a key part of our culture and a big differentiator.
    We expect the same level of responsibility and high standards from our clients and Council Members.
    We believe in mentorship; we share responsibility for each other’s success.

  • Courage Courage

    We value big ideas and bold thinking.
    We are proactive and eagerly reach out to top leaders and professionals.
    We confidently and honestly confront the tough questions and unusual challenges in our complex and competitive marketplace.
    We are passionate about our mission.

  • Judgment Judgment

    We value thoughtfulness, reason, and strategic thinking.
    We see the big picture and articulate it in smart, clearly reasoned arguments.
    We want what’s best for our organization as a whole rather than any single person or group.

  • Fresh Perspective Fresh Perspective

    We innovate.
    We believe in open minds, new approaches, and rethinking old ideas.
    We endeavor to be bright, flexible, and positive.

  • Service Service

    We focus on exceeding our clients’ expectations.
    We continue to innovate and seek new, smarter service and technology.
    We are efficient, accessible, responsive, collegial, timely, and professional – always.
    Within GLG, we are of service to each other, and collectively and individually to all our communities.

  • Integrity Integrity

    We treat everyone with respect and dignity.
    We listen and endeavor to understand our colleagues’ views, even when we disagree.
    We believe in teamwork, work well with others, and will support the best idea, no matter its origin.
    We value honesty and candor from our colleagues.
    We believe in humility.

Meet Our Global Associates

  • Puneet Gosain
    Senior Vice President

    I lead GLG’s business development initiatives in India. Following business school at the University of Lincoln (UK) I returned to India looking to work for a dynamic organization. After eight years with GLG, I can still say that I’m learning every day. I chose to work for GLG because it enables me to help my clients solve complex business issues.

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  • Roger Lu
    Vice President

    I lead GLG’s South East Asia research team out of the Singapore office and am extremely excited by GLG’s opportunities in the region. After graduating from LSE and earning my business degree from the University of London, I joined GLG’s Shanghai office in 2009 following a brief stint at one of the largest investment banks in China.

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  • Kristina Herms
    Senior Research Manager
    Hong Kong

    I am a Research Manager on the Hedge Fund team. After graduating from The George Washington University with a degree in International Business, I was looking for a job in management consulting or banking when I came across GLG, which offers the best of both worlds.

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  • David Sexton
    Senior Research Manager

    I run GLG’s EMEA Financial and Business Services practice. Prior to GLG, I worked at a large investment bank but moved here to work in an entrepreneurial environment where I could be directly involved in the growth of a company. I graduated first in my class from Trinity College in Dublin with a degree in Business Studies and German.

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