Alexander Saint-Amand

Alexander Saint-Amand is Chief Executive Officer of GLG, the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise.

Alexander joined GLG soon after graduating from the University of Virginia in 1998. In its early stages, GLG was a publishing company which produced sector-specific reports for investors with insights from industry experts, including academics, scientists, and physicians.

Today, GLG connects its global membership of more than 500,000 leading subject-matter experts to a client base of the world’s top businesses and investors.

As one of GLG’s earliest employees, Alexander attended industry conferences on behalf of clients and developed relationships with the world’s leading physicians, turning to them for insights on the latest medical breakthroughs. These contacts became GLG’s initial membership.

Alexander became President and Chief Operating Officer of GLG in 2002, and Chief Executive Officer in 2006. He has led the company through three successful rounds of private equity funding and to double-digit growth and record revenue.

Over the years, GLG developed the know-how and technical infrastructure to connect client requests with relevant members at scale, while pursuing regional and industry expansion (opening offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia), and developing client practices across the entire S&P index.

Alexander serves on the GLG Board of Directors. He is also on the Board of the Partnership for New York City. Prior to GLG, he worked as a reporter at Bloomberg.

In 2014, Alexander instituted the GLG Social Impact Fellowship program to bring one-on-one professional learning to the social sector. GLG Fellows are distinguished nonprofit and social enterprise leaders who receive unlimited access to GLG learning at no charge for the duration of the two year fellowship. His article about GLG’s Social Impact approach appeared in The Stanford Social Innovation Review in June 2015.