Alexander Saint-Amand

Alexander Saint-Amand is Chief Executive Officer of GLG, the world’s largest membership for professional learning and expertise. He is a founding member of the company and previously served as its Chief Operating Officer.

While a student at the University of Virginia, Alexander began to develop a rolodex of the world’s top physicians to whom he and GLG’s early customers turned for insights on the latest medical breakthroughs. These contacts became GLG’s initial membership, known then as the Council of Healthcare Advisors. In the 15 years since, GLG’s membership has grown to include more than 500,000 of the world’s leading experts. Under Alexander’s leadership, GLG has become the world’s leading platform for professional learning and expertise.

Alexander currently serves on the Board of the Partnership for New York City. He has been published in Fast Company and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Prior to GLG, he worked as a reporter at Bloomberg News.