The Right People for the Right Perspective.

GLG provides large operating companies with on-demand access to a global membership of 600,000 professionals, for insight and advice on the limitless strategic and operational questions they face every day.

Validate product hypotheses

Explore new and adjacent markets

Understand unfamiliar geographies

Strike down bad ideas quickly

Perform due diligence on M&A opportunities

Investigate new technologies

Solve key operational challenges

How It Works


You have questions

You need to understand a market, pressure test a strategy, or generate an idea.


We have experts

600,000 professionals, professionals, including former C-level operating executives, ex-top-tier strategy consultants, regulatory and policy experts, and thought leaders from around the world.


You get answers

We connect you to leading professionals who provide insights to help you make more informed business decisions, penetrate new sales channels, and assess partners and prospects.

Use Cases

  • C-Suite

    Evaluate ways to build your business, shape an internal structure that supports the goals of the enterprise, and identify and implement operational improvements.

  • Business Unit Owners and Line Management

    Manage to the financial goals of your division; analyze competitive dynamics, product shifts, pricing trends, and customer tastes; and leverage insights from market trends, customer needs, and business priorities to identify new areas for growth.

  • Strategic Marketing

    Utilize known information and assumptions to create a quantitative view of a target market; define and measure the attractiveness of potential new end user groups; use market insight to identify the most attractive new product opportunities; and assess the attractiveness of new geographies for expansion.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Perform due diligence, analyze operational performance, and better understand key industry trends related to potential targets. Evaluate strategic and/or financial partnerships in existing or adjacent markets.

  • Research & Development

    Articulate the ‘voice of the customer’ to understand which needs are met and unmet, test new ideas in the market by soliciting responses from target B2B market demographic groups, and address product-specific challenges that require expertise in a particular area, often related to engineering.

  • Innovation / Product Development

    Lay out filters to refine a broad product list down to final, market-ready innovations; structure and sequence launch of finalized products in chosen markets; and estimate return on investment of a new product development based on financial modeling of market launch.

  • Market Research

    Evaluate competitive positioning, threats, and opportunities in the market; profile political and economic environments of new and existing markets; and compare pricing for comparable products across competitive players.

  • Strategy / Business Development

    Evaluate competitive positioning, threats, and opportunities in the market; profile political and economic environments of new and existing markets; and compare pricing for comparable products across competitive players.


  • Diversified Industrials

    Identify growth opportunities through product innovation, market shifts and strategic acquisitions from industry’s leading experts.

  • Chemicals

    Validate product development, understand adjacent markets and explore new customer segments.

  • Consumer Goods

    Recognize patterns in the market related to pricing, competition, customer tastes, and identify best practices from other CPG professionals.

  • Technology, Media & Telecom

    Source ideas, test products, qualify acquisitions and accelerate time to market.

  • Energy

    Gain insight across the value chain into traditional and emerging energy markets from suppliers, consumers and technical experts.

  • Insurance

    Lead discovery and design of business innovation opportunities by recognizing trends in customer behavior and financial policy.

  • Financial Services

    Leverage deep cross-industry expertise to understand technological innovation and enable development of next generation products and services.

  • Retail

    Validate growth opportunities by speaking with best-in-class brand leaders across multiple segments and geographies.

  • Automotive

    Understand innovations in design, emerging technologies and the voice of the worldwide automotive market.

  • Metals & Mining

    Assess market implications of shifting global supply, demand and regulatory structure.

  • Travel & Leisure

    Understand new marketing channels, technologies, products and end markets.

  • Public Sector

    Explore alternative technologies and private sector approaches across industries and geographic regions.

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