Market Sizing for Industrial Equipment

When a major industrial company was building out a five-year product roadmap, GLG helped them better understand the North American market for winches, hoists and related equipment.

Investigating a New Market

In 2018, an industrial conglomerate partnered with GLG to study the market size and growth opportunities for winches and hoists across nine different automotive end-markets.

Unique Insights Across Research
Deeper Engagement

GLG’s Projects team engaged a range of subject-matter experts to collect both qualitative and quantitative insights.

18 Moderated Calls

A Council Member spoke to industry experts on end-use application and growth prospects, collecting a robust data set to help inform the client’s market-sizing models.

Quantitative Research on End Usage

A data science-focused Council Member helped the client analyze the market for each product using a top-down approach, considering each sub-application.

Delivering the Results

GLG’s Project team delivered a market-size matrix reflecting nine products across nine main sub-applications. The project concluded with an executive-ready report outlining key findings, specifically market sizing and product overviews, as well as end user applications.

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