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The development of new therapies, devices, and diagnostic tools is driving rapid change in healthcare. GLG helps healthcare investors stay ahead of that change by connecting them with the largest and most varied network of experts and being a thought partner throughout the process.

Our Experts Know Healthcare
Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Tap into the largest drug supply chain network – from researchers to physicians – who can help you stay informed on the latest clinical research trials, prescription usage, and other industry trends.


Access the world’s knowledge marketplace to gain insights on industry, technology, and regulatory policy quickly and efficiently.

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Leverage the most extensive network of healthcare experts to stay on top of evolving trends in medical devices and diagnostic tools.

Meet the Team
With more than 30 healthcare-focused professionals on our team, we can quickly identify the best matches within our network to help you arrive confidently at investment decisions. Here’s a few of our team members.
Johanna Rodriguez, PhD
Senior Vice President, Americas Head of Healthcare
Farhan Syed
Vice President, Healthcare Client Solutions
Michael Weissman
Vice President & Event Content Team Lead, Healthcare
Client Solutions

Jennifer Garcia, Senior Manager

Jane Mitchell, Team Leader

Allie Thomas, Team Leader

Sai Kunderu, Team Leader

Nikki Mwaura, Team Leader

Michael Phillips, Team Leader

Event Content

Eric Dimise, PhD, Vice President

Shilpi Gupta, MBBS, MS, Manager

Sarah Lim, Senior Manager

Janel Davis, PhD, Manager

Upcoming Industry Conferences

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, many industry conferences have recently made the understandable decision to cancel, postpone, or transition to online formats. GLG is continuing to provide curated coverage of trending topics related to these virtual conferences through live online conversations. These conversations allow you to interact with leading experts and peers on industry trends and breaking news.

Upcoming Conference Coverage
October 22 – 24 | North American Cystic Fibrosis (NACF)
October 27 – 31 | American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)

Important Disclaimer: GLG is not affiliated with the events listed above and there is no express or implied endorsement or sponsorship of GLG or GLG Meetings.

GLG Solutions for Healthcare Investors

When you need to accelerate your research, an introduction to someone with first-hand healthcare experience can make all the difference. GLG Consultations connect you with key opinion leaders for a call, video visit, or private office visit so you can gain powerful insights to drive decision-making.


When you need to do a pulse check, quick polls, or validate your idea, save time by scaling insights against targeted healthcare populations. GLG Surveys help you meet your research objectives by delivering a full spectrum of insights, leveraging the world’s most robust and diverse source of first-hand healthcare populations such as physicians and hospital administrators.


When you need to understand market dynamics or challenges in the healthcare industry you need fast and relevant insights. GLG Events offer real-time engagements including in-person and remote roundtables, teleconferences, webcasts, site visits, lab sequencing tours, and floor walks at leading healthcare industry conferences.


When new opportunities or unexpected challenges arise, you may not have the right expertise in-house to get to the best result. GLG Placements bring C-suite professionals to you so you can build an executive team or place a board member on an interim or long-term basis.


When you need to understand nuances in the healthcare industry, professionals with first-hand experience provide the most powerful insights. GLG Projects provide access to our experts for longer-term, more in-depth engagements. For each engagement, we staff one or more top-tier consultants and subject-matter experts with experience across all major healthcare disciplines.

Today’s Science. Tomorrow’s Solutions.

Our experts are always monitoring industry trends. Check out their latest insights.


Telemedicine Survey: Patient and Physician Adoption

GLG Survey Team

Read Time: 5 Minutes

Telemedicine, as a concept, has been around since at least 1925, when Hugo Gernsback, a radio and publishing pioneer, predicted…


Huge Growth Potential in Femtech and Maternal Services

Eric Dy, GLG Council Member and Cofounder and CEO of Bloomlife

Teleconference Date: Sept. 22, 2020

Read Time: 7 Minutes

The industry around solutions for maternity, whether it’s consumer technology to monitor pregnancies or solutions that pair providers with employers,…


Is the Fertility Solutions Space Due for a Recovery Soon?

Rick Dietz, GLG Council Member and former Interim Chief Executive Officer at IntegraMed and former Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Boston IVF

Teleconference Date: Sept. 3, 2020

Read Time: 6 Minutes

The fertility field has come a long way since the first baby conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF) was born…

Our Compliance Framework is Best in Class

To give our clients confidence that their best interests are being served, we arrange every interaction within our comprehensive compliance framework. Our Council Members sign, and annually re-sign, our terms and conditions of Council Membership and must complete interactive, sector-specific compliance training. We also offer clients tools to monitor their research activity and implement their own compliance settings, based on their specific needs.

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