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Long/Short Equity

Council Members support both bottom-up and top-down value drivers critical to long/short equity investing. Taking a mosaic approach that considers multiple perspectives allows clients to have a deep, multi-dimensional view of companies, industries and geographies.


GLG assists distressed investors who need to differentiate between dying industries, challenged capital structures, or management teams. Council Members contribute industry-specific inputs to inform asset valuations and help clients better understand liabilities that could impede a company’s recovery.

Event Driven

GLG strengthens the ability of event-driven funds to evaluate practice-area-box activity, special situations, and associated events. Our Council Members include veterans and former senior officials from key antitrust and competitive regulatory bodies at federal, state and international levels.

Global Macro

GLG’s Legal, Economic and Regulatory Affairs (LERA) practice area features over 16,000 former government officials, domestic and foreign policy experts, attorneys, economists, and political risk experts, providing informed assessments on policy debates, impact of new regulations and geopolitical trends.

Emerging Markets

GLG’s global in-market coverage teams help emerging and frontier market investors connect to on-the-ground expertise related to industries and companies. Our extensive experience serving emerging market-focused investors, and our trusted regional research partners, help our clients leverage these connections to accurately assess penetrating insights into the size of opportunities, risks and prospects for growth.

Activist Investing and Private Placements

We support less liquid and activist investing strategies through project-based diligence, consulting and board placement solutions. Our Council members include industry and operating executives, giving clients an opportunity to leverage a wealth of knowledge, expertise and senior executive relationships.

Direct Lending

We work with asset-based lenders in assessing opportunities and gaining investment conviction by providing access to industry professional familiar with target companies and industries and skill-sets suitable for post-LOI diligence, including written analyses, on-site valuations and executive placements.

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