Case Studies

Commercial Litigation

Electrical & Manufacturing Expert Witness Case Study

Our client sought an expert who was knowledgeable about the manufacturing and design process of specific devices used for conducting electricity. The client was initially interested in candidates who had been directly involved in industry rather than academics.


How GLG Helped

The client screened GLG’s three presented industry experts and realized that academics were actually better suited to provide the ideal testimony and credentials. We sent an additional round of candidates, focusing on academics. The client retained two professors of material science and engineering who specialized in the specific devices at issue. Given our expansive membership, GLG was able to quickly pivot on a search after receiving client feedback.

Agricultural Industry Expert in Asia Case Study

Our client needed an expert on the regulatory process surrounding importing genetically modified goods in certain countries in Asia. This was a geographic challenge that was particularly difficult because the regulations in question were notoriously opaque and vary substantially from their U.S. equivalents.


How GLG Helped

We matched our client with a professor of food quality and safety at a prominent university in Asia who had previously been involved in the agricultural industry and was available to engage immediately.

Government Due Diligence Expert for Private Entity Case Study

Our client needed an expert on conducting due diligence work prior to selling private placements. Specifically, the firm wanted an expert who had experience working for the U.S. government and who had conducted due diligence for a private entity.


How GLG Helped

We supplied several candidates meeting our client’s criteria; they retained a leading expert in due diligence who had written multiple textbooks on the subject.

Oil Industry Experts Retained Case Study

Our client firm had a long-running oil industry case requiring experts ranging from oil industry executives to academics to oil rig workers.


How GLG Helped

We identified dozens of experts for the client over twenty months and found a diverse group of people to fit ongoing needs. The client retained six experts through GLG, providing a good example of how law firms use GLG throughout different stages of litigation and as needs evolve.

Food Marketing Expert Witness Resolves Packaging Challenge

Our client needed an expert who was knowledgeable about food marketing and the role packaging and trademarks play in the industry. A large food manufacturer was accused of shutting a smaller company out of the market, and our client needed a food marketing expert with significant industry experience who could attest to industry standards and practices.

How GLG Helped

We connected the client with the former head of marketing at a leading food producer. This was a particularly challenging request due to the limited supply of marketing executives who had worked for leading companies and were available to testify.