Case Studies

Healthcare Litigation

Long Term Medical Expert Engagement Case Study

A law firm wanted to consult with a doctor who could talk about the research behind drugs currently being used to treat certain types of cancer. The challenge involved locating a physician who had the ability to speak to both patient care using these drugs and the latest trends in medical research for treating cancer.


How GLG Helped

GLG located three qualified experts within 24 hours, one of whom was a PhD/MD from a top research institution who had been treating cancer patients for 20 years. The client and expert worked together for over a year.

Toxicologist Expert Case Study

A law firm client needed a toxicologist who could advise on specific acids and their effects on the human body. The challenge involved finding someone suitable with the requisite knowledge of the niche acids in question.


How GLG Helped

The expert we proposed had spent over 20 years in the pharma industry and also worked with a number of large pharmaceutical companies as an in-house toxicologist. We located this particular expert through our unrivaled referral capabilities; one of our other top healthcare experts introduced us to the expert our client ultimately retained.

Leading Orthopedist Expert Case Study

A law firm needed a leading orthopedist to opine on a particular ball bearing used in artificial knees. Getting in touch with leading medical professionals can be exceedingly difficult and many have no interest in participating in litigation.


How GLG Helped

Through GLG, the client quickly retained the Chair of Orthopedics at a leading research hospital. The physician had 20 years of experience working with ball bearing implants and had conducted research on their efficacy. GLG eliminates many barriers to accessing healthcare experts through our relationships with more than 93,000 healthcare professionals and our reputation with top medical professionals across the U.S.

Medical Expert on Drug Pricing Case Study

Our law firm client wanted to speak with someone who intimately understood the pharmaceuticals industry and drug pricing. The client specifically wanted to discuss certain drugs’ market share and the workings of the pharmaceutical supply chain.


How GLG Helped

We delivered six candidates within 48 hours. Our client retained a doctor who owned a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. Because the doctor owned his own company, he not only had advanced knowledge about bringing a drug to market, but also had no prohibitive conflicts of interest (as often happens in pharma-related matters). The client’s relationship with the expert continued for nine months and their interaction helped our client reach a favorable result.

Endocrinologist Expert Witness Case Study

Our client sought an endocrinologist who could discuss hormone replacement therapy and its relationship to athletic performance. This was tricky due to the narrow area of scientific study – very few physicians are involved in the field and even fewer are available for litigation.


How GLG Helped

GLG successfully connected the firm with a professor who studies neuro and reproductive hormones and their impact on athletic health.

Top Oncologist Expert Testifies in Medical Case

Our client needed an expert to opine on how certain medications affect kidney function. The expert must have been involved in clinical trials thirty years ago and had to have used the drugs to treat acute conditions.

How GLG Helped

We provided a hematologist-oncologist at a leading medical school who was also a professor at a renowned cancer institute. The doctor was quickly retained as a testifying expert.