Case Studies

Intellectual Property

Medicinal Chemist Expert Witness Case Study

Our client wanted a medicinal chemist to opine on the validity of a patent for anticoagulants that treat cardiac disorders. The expert needed to be located in a specific geography and to be available immediately.


How GLG Helped

We introduced our client to a research scientist in the chemistry department of a leading research university, who had previously worked for pharmaceutical companies and had extensive experience developing chemical entities for oncological care. The expert’s report helped our client achieve a favorable result.

Client Engages Tech Expert in Emerging Tech Case

A law firm needed an expert who was knowledgeable about engineering solar-powered home furnishings to address whether a specific patent included protected trade secrets. The field of experts who could opine on this technology was limited as the technology was fairly new.


How GLG Helped

GLG sent the client six candidates for review within 48 hours. The firm engaged a leading expert in the home furnishings industry who had experience designing and building solar powered products.

Scholastic Expert Supports Android Infringement Case

Our client needed an expert to speak on a specific Mobile Operating System (MOS) technology and potentially infringing operating systems. At the time, the industry’s newness presented a challenge because experts on these systems were typically employed by MOS manufacturers and thus prohibited from participating.


How GLG Helped

We located a professor at a top academic institution who was familiar with the technology and produced a lengthy report for our client on the MOS and competing interfaces.