GLG Social Impact Fellowship

The GLG Social Impact Fellowship has always supported people tackling the world’s most important challenges—and in this moment of crisis, we are here to support organizations on the frontlines of COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide.

If your organization is working to address challenges posed by the pandemic, we are standing by to help—free of charge. If you are an expert and can help us accelerate our efforts, we’d like to hear from you.

The GLG Social Impact Fellowship provides many of the world’s most impactful social entrepreneurs with free access to our platform. Today, we count 54 extraordinary leaders in our Fellowship community.

Our Fellows are harnessing the advantage of powerful insight to solve society’s most urgent challenges – building rural infrastructure in Rwanda and safe water systems in Bangladesh, fighting malnutrition in Guatemala and healthcare inefficiencies in the U.S., creating career opportunities for young people in Nigeria and protecting children from online sexual exploitation around the world. And much more.


Interested in becoming a GLG Fellow?
We look for applicants who can best leverage GLG for individual and organizational success.
Prospective Fellow should:
  • Be a founder, executive director, and/or CEO
  • Be curious, committed, passionate, and tireless
  • Have a strong track record and clear organizational vision
  • Have the ability to articulate high-priority use cases for GLG
Prospective Fellow Organizations Typically:
  • Are a nonprofit, mission driven for-profit, or a hybrid
  • Have been in operation for a minimum of three years
  • Employ a minimum of seven full-time staff
  • Are past the early development stage, at an inflection point, and pursuing scale
Our Current Fellows
A new class of Social Impact Fellows joins our community each fall. During their two-year Fellowship, GLG partners closely with each organization to deliver insights that address critical strategic and operational challenges.

Our Impact

Learn how our Fellows have worked with GLG to transform their organizations.

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    2019 Social Impact Convening

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    Bringing Organic Produce to Families in China

    Matilda Ho
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    Fighting Youth Unemployment in Africa

    Misan Rewane
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    How Frontline is Training the U.K.’s Next Generation of Social Workers

    Josh MacAlister
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    How Veterans Are Reshaping Disaster Relief

    Jake Wood
Case Studies
Stories of our success, in action.

D-Rev designs and delivers world-class, affordable medical technologies that close the quality healthcare gap for under-served populations. When the D-Rev team identified neonatal nutrition as an area where a new device might have significant impact, particularly in India, they turned to GLG. To help D-Rev better understand newborn nutritional needs, GLG connected them to a former GE executive with ten years of experience in child and maternal care in emerging-market healthcare systems. The team also spoke to Nestlé India’s former general manager of special nutrition for infants and mothers, who provided an overview of regulations in the Indian milk-banking space. With these insights, D-Rev expanded their product line to include neonatal CPAP machines.


Drinkwell delivers a technology platform for clean water. Their technology and products are embedded within water infrastructure systems, purifying millions of liters of water every month, worldwide. As a GLG Fellow Organization, Drinkwell turned to GLG for expertise and best practices in Finance and Operations, including hiring, outsourcing, manufacturing, budgeting, and funding, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. To continue developing and refining their work, the Drinkwell team gained key insight from GLG Council Members on the economics and logistics of commercial water purification and water softening. With the support of GLG, Drinkwell has developed crucial relationships with experts in India, who now act as ad hoc advisors to their team.


myAgro supports smallholder farmers in Africa grow their business through an innovative and easy-to-use payment platform. Their technology allows farmers to make small down payments towards seeds, fertilizer, and other farming tools throughout the year, with the goal of increasing their yields and moving them out of poverty. myAgro has relied on GLG as they handle the unique challenges that arise working in remote parts of Africa. As myAgro continues to scale and diversify their offerings, GLG’s experts have helped them understand everything from how to forecast and model fertilizer pricing to how to ensure myAgro’s work is represented in agricultural policy debates in local governments. And as farmers contend with an increasingly unpredictable climate, GLG has helped myAgro effectively partner with an insurance company to assess climate insurance policies in a complicated market.


Nest is a nonprofit committed to advancing global artisans, their families, and their communities by helping them build sustainable businesses within the competitive landscape of today’s global economy. When they began working with well-known brands to support their development of supply chains that advance artisan and homeworking communities, Nest conducted a survey with GLG about the sourcing and compliance practices of major brands. The results confirmed that significant production happens in homes with subcontracted homeworkers or artisans. These results have directly affected how Nest designs, prices, and builds their brand-facing services.


Pursuit empowers the next generation of tech leaders from underserved and underrepresented populations through a four-year intensive program that teaches coding and other IT skills, places fellows in jobs, and provides three years of post-placement professional support. After becoming a GLG Fellow Organization, Pursuit (formerly “Coalition for Queens”) launched a rebranding initiative. Through surveys with consumers and hiring managers, and phone calls with experts in nonprofit naming and logo design, the organization became Pursuit. The team has since turned to GLG for help understanding best practices in career coaching and developing innovative metrics that track what makes people successful tech sector employees.


Solstice’s mission is to make solar power more scalable and inclusive by making it more affordable and accessible. To do this, they’ve embraced the innovative concept of delivering community-shared solar power to American households at no upfront cost. Since their founding, Solstice has expanded operations to multiple states, and has relied on GLG to better understand the energy landscape through access to data and insight on local policy and regulatory environments. Solstice has also tapped into our knowledge marketplace to learn about ambassador sales models, professionalize their fundraising operation, analyze complex KPIs, and implement a strategic employee compensation plan to incentivize results.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon (TR) pairs the strengths and skill sets of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy response teams in the aftermath of natural disasters. The organization is quickly becoming one of the most impactful resources in the nonprofit disaster relief space. When TR joined the GLG Fellowship, they were preparing to hire a Chief Information Officer, who would be responsible for overseeing the protection of volunteers’ information. To help the team learn what to look for in candidates, GLG connected them with a number of high-level information security professionals at banks, universities, and other major institutions. As a result, TR was able to better assess candidates and successfully develop their security policies.


Thorn develops proprietary technology that helps tech companies and law enforcement agencies combat the proliferation of child sexual abuse material on social platforms and other digital media. Thorn has connected with GLG Council Members as they work to crack the tough strategic, technical, and regulatory challenges of their mission to enhance the safety of children online. Soon after becoming a Fellow, Thorn wanted to size the market of user-generated content on the Internet – a challenging goal given how difficult it is to track such content. GLG connected them with experts including CTOs and the former Global Head of Creator Development & Management at a large tech company. These insights helped Thorn further develop initiatives to deter abusers who are active on hosting platforms.

The 2020 Fellowship
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