Jukay Hsu

Founder & CEO, Pursuit

Focus Area: Tech Vocational Training

Jukay Hsu is the founder and CEO of Pursuit which creates pathways out of poverty through technology training. After graduating from Harvard College, Jukay served as a U.S. Army officer where he commanded a rifle platoon in Iraq and earned the Bronze Star Medal. Jukay serves as a Director of the New York City Water Board, the Stuyvesant High School Alumni Association, Vice Chair of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, and as Trustee of the Queens Public Library.



Pursuit (formerly C4Q) teaches coding and professional skills to talented adults from diverse and low-income backgrounds in New York City. The program’s demographics reflect the community, with students from across the city and from all backgrounds. Beyond achieving gender parity and empowering underrepresented minorities, over half of Pursuit students do not have college degrees. Pursuit’s programs increase graduate annual incomes from $18,000 to $85,000.

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