Kiah Williams

Co-Founder, SIRUM

Focus Area: Healthcare Access

Kiah Williams is the Co-Founder of SIRUM, a venture that saves medicine to save lives. She previously led negotiations for the Clinton Foundation to create the Alliance Healthcare Initiative, an industry collaboration to reduce childhood obesity, and developed partnerships with Fortune 100 companies to expand health benefits to 2 million children. Kiah earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford, where she was also the president of the NAACP. Kiah has been recognized as a Forbes 30-Under-30 Social Entrepreneur stand-out and Outstanding Alumni, a Silicon Valley Business Journal 40-Under-40, a Draper Richards Kaplan Entrepreneur, and a Westly Foundation Social Innovator.



Using an innovative technology platform, SIRUM allows health facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies to donate unused medicine to patients in need rather than destroying it, both reducing destruction costs and saving lives.

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