Steph Speirs

Co-Founder & CEO, Solstice

Focus Area: Solar Energy Access

Steph Speirs is a community builder with years of operational experience in the U.S., South Asia, and the Middle East. She led sales and marketing innovation initiatives at d.light India, an off-grid solar lantern company and spearheaded renewable energy investments at Acumen Fund. She also directed Middle East policy at the Obama White House National Security Council and managed field operations for the Obama for America ‘08 and ‘12 campaigns. She holds a BA from Yale, an MPA with distinction from Princeton, and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.



Solstice radically expands access to clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to American households. Because 80% of American households cannot install solar on their roofs, the Solstice model enables anyone to enjoy clean energy with no upfront cost, while saving money on their electric bill every year.

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