The Fellowship

Social Impact Fellowship Benefits

Each year of the Fellowship begins with an in-person convening at GLG’s offices in New York City or Austin. At the convening, Fellows learn how to use the GLG platform, meet the people of GLG and each other. We work closely with Fellows to identify the top challenges facing their organizations and set learning objectives to meet those challenges.


Tailored learning opportunities include phone consultations with subject matter experts, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions, teleconferences, and workshops.

Strategic Support

Dedicated GLG research professionals serve as thought partners for Fellows and their management teams. Research professionals design engagements that provide insight to better inform strategy, address challenges, and help organizations maximize impact.


Fellows and their teams have access to GLG’s dynamic, year-round events in addition to custom learning engagements.

What We Look For

Through our selection process, we seek a set of characteristics critical to the success of our Social Impact Fellows and their organizations.


  • We consider organizations with nonprofit, mission-driven for-profit, and hybrid structures:
    • Nonprofits with operating budget between $1-15M
    • Mission-driven for-profit with annual operating budget under $500,000
    • Hybrid organization of comparable size
  • At an inflection point and pursuing scale
  • Average 3-5 years in operation
  • Minimum 5 full time staff
  • Established leadership team, supporting key strategic planning and execution


  • Founders or Executive Directors / CEOs
  • Curious, committed, passionate and tireless
  • A strong track record and clear organizational vision
  • The ability to articulate high priority use cases for GLG

Learn more about the selection criteria and the Fellowship offering:
Download 2018 Criteria


“At SIRUM, we are doing innovative work in an environment that's extremely complex from logistics to technology to regulation – prescription medicine. Using GLG’s platform puts us in a better operational and strategic position as we expand our network of donor and recipient organizations and helps us understand how best to work within the ever-evolving healthcare field.”
Kiah Williams
SIRUM, Co-Founder
“GLG’s platform supports our culture- we ask hard questions and acknowledge when we don’t have answers. In 2017, an unprecedented year in frequency and severity of natural disasters, we called on GLG. As we sent volunteers into dangerous and chaotic situations in Houston, Florida, and California, that access allowed our organization to bend instead of break.”
Jake Wood
Team Rubicon, Co-Founder and CEO
“In our first six months of the Fellowship, GLG has become an important step in implementing our strategy. From developing our two-sided marketplace platform to structuring our sales team for success, conversations with Council Members have informed our team’s ability to build solutions that make solar energy accessible to all Americans.”
Steph Speirs
Solstice, Co-Founder and CEO

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