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Using Smartphones to Prevent Skin Cancer

Christian Bailey

By utilizing smartphone technology, Christian Bailey’s team is working to allow anyone to identify cancerous mole symptoms at the click of a button. Bailey discusses finding ways to help people diagnose themselves in the convenience of their own home at a fraction of the cost.

Christian Bailey is the Founder of Curated Innovation, an MIT-fueled invention lab whose mission is to deliver breakthrough products that save lives. Prototypes in development include preventing skin-cancer with computer vision, replacing the mammogram, and a quadcopter that can rescue a human. Bailey was an investor in applied-science spinouts from MIT and Harvard, a founder of Lincoln Group, and a coach with United Way Youth Venture and Junior Achievement. He holds a BA and MA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford and completed his studies in molecular biology and materials science as a Fellow at MIT. Bailey is a member of the GLG community.