GLG is transforming the way the world’s top professionals share expertise and learn.

Our Mission

GLG is a professional learning platform. We pair top professionals with our Council Members - the leading experts in every field - thousands of times a week and around the world, to teach and learn from one another. This all happens within our rigorous compliance framework.

A world of increasing complexity and connectedness demands agility, accuracy, and insight. Working with GLG, professionals have countless options to learn, make better decisions, and grow.

GLG’s principles of learning set us apart:


Precise expertise to gain complete understanding of any topic


Expertise – fast, within a few hours or days, ensuring learning is timely


Ongoing conversations that facilitate superior knowledge exchange


Learning one-on-one or in small groups, making it easy, effective and comfortable for the learner

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Learn with our Leading Learners

Watch how these top professionals (all GLG clients) are transforming the way they get smart, make decisions, and innovate.