The most powerful insights often happen in live conversations. When you need to hear from a leading expert or debate your ideas with customers and peers, GLG Events bring the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise to life.

When market-moving news breaks, you need fast and relevant insights. GLG Events respond in real time. We identify timely topics and bring the world’s leading voices together to share perspectives and discuss trends and implications. You can attend GLG Events in person, or listen in from anywhere, gaining powerful insights so you can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity.

If you need to understand market dynamics and challenges in your industry or see how your customers respond to your brand or product, GLG Custom Events bring you the insights you need to go to market faster. GLG Custom Events combine the power of a live event with your own research objectives. Create workshops with industry experts with first-hand expertise, or gather feedback from customers with focus groups and in-depth interviews.

The World’s Knowledge Marketplace

Our network of more than 700,000 experts is augmented by a global team who can identify and recruit the professionals that meet your needs.

Market-Driven Conversations

Many of our events are built in real time, in response to shifts in the market or a ticker.

Community Centric

Our events allow you to join a community of thought leaders to discuss and share industry insights.

Go To Market

We engage the right experts to provide feedback on your product or service before you go to market, saving time and money.

Interactive Research

We gather relevant groups of customers for in-person usability and concept testing. Understand how users respond to your products in a physical setting.

End-to-End Programming

We facilitate logistics, discussion, and event management so you can focus on maximizing your learning.

Highest Standards

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework allows clients to engage with experts through a trusted platform supported by dedicated professionals who scope and manage appropriate engagements in different environments.

One Approach
Many Ways to Engage
1. Roundtables

Join an in-person conversation with industry leaders.

2. Teleconferences

Listen in from anywhere with remote access.

3. Conference Roundtables

Join GLG for curated conversations at key industry conferences.

4. GLG Library

We offer on-demand access to transcripts and recordings. Download, listen, search, and compare.

5. Workshops

Create a custom session with an industry expert to discuss market dynamics and challenges.

6. Focus Groups

Gather a group of customers for in-person research and testing or in-depth interviews.

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