When you need to test an idea against real-world data, you want to reach the right groups quickly. Whether you need to understand broad trends or highly targeted sample populations, GLG Surveys can be the best and fastest way to field test your strategies.

GLG Surveys connect you with B2B panels built from the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise. We can provide access to our industry-leading expert panel or scale up the engagement to full-service project management and quality review. Tell us your objectives and we will match you with a solution.

Our team of research specialists supports all phases of a project, from scoping and questionnaire design to panel selection, quality review, and data interpretation and visualization.

Unique Access

We bring you the world’s largest and most varied source of first-hand expertise. Connect with panels built from more than 700,000 Council Members, and an additional 10 million+ professionals and consumers available through our panel partners.

Growing Expertise

Our global team hand-selects and adds more than 200 new expert professionals to our network per day on average.

Precise Matches

We deliver the best people to answer your most difficult questions. Our experts are carefully screened, with profiles that offer extensive insights into their background and expertise.

Verified Data

We build quality validation into all stages of the Surveys process, with careful review of respondents and controls to prevent fraudulent or duplicate panelists. Before data reaches you, we review it extensively to ensure the highest quality.

Fast and Responsive

Our dedicated teams respond to your needs throughout the project, delivering powerful insights within 2 to 14 days, so you can act with confidence.

Highest Standard

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework provides for a thoughtful approach to survey design and review, and allows clients to access insights from current industry professionals in a manner that respects their obligations to employers and other third parties.

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