Sometimes opportunities or challenges arise, and you don’t have the right knowledge in house to get to the best result. Whether you need to educate, engage, or grow your organization, GLG Placements connect you to the world’s knowledge marketplace to identify the people with first-hand experience who can get you to the right answers.

GLG Placements bring C-suite professionals to you, so you can quickly get your team up to speed. You can request a speaker for an engagement, or we can build a customized learning and development program. We also bring C-suite professionals to join your team or board for interim or long-term placements.

The World’s Knowledge Marketplace

Our network of more than 700,000 experts is augmented by a global team who can identify and recruit the professionals that meet your needs.

Growing Expertise

Our global team hand selects and adds more than 200 new expert professionals to our network per day on average.

Precise Matches

We combine the human insight of our team with an AI-driven matching platform to find the right people.

Highest Standards

Our unparalleled Compliance Framework allows clients to engage with experts through a trusted platform supported by professionals trained to identify the right individuals for a role while helping to avoid potential conflicts.

One Approach
Many Ways to Engage
Team Enhancement

Bring an outside expert with specialty knowledge to join your team.

Board Placement

We identify C-suite leaders and real-world professionals to strengthen your board.

Learning and Development

Our experts design and lead programs so your team can act with confidence and clarity.


We arrange for thought leaders to share insights in your preferred venue.

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There are many ways to access the expertise of our more than 700,000 experts.
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