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About GLG Social Impact

GLG Social Impact brings the power of GLG’s knowledge marketplace to organizations working to solve society’s most urgent challenges. Our Fellowship provides many of the world’s most impactful social innovators with free access to our platform.

What We Look For
In our Fellows, we seek a set of characteristics critical to their success and to the advancement of their organizations. While applications for 2019 are now closed, we traditionally consider Fellows who fit within a general set of requirements.
Applying Fellow should
  • Be a founder, executive director, and/or CEO
  • Be curious, committed, passionate, and tireless
  • Have a strong track record and clear organizational vision
  • Have the ability to articulate high-priority use cases for GLG
Fellow’s organization must
  • Be a nonprofit, a mission-driven for-profit, or a hybrid
  • Be at an inflection point and pursuing scale
  • Have been in operation ~3-7 years
  • Employ a minimum of five full-time staff
  • Have leadership capacity that supports strategic planning and execution
Our Clients
GLG extends its platform to organizations creating positive change to help accelerate their growth and impact. Since our earliest days, we have leveraged expert engagements to support nearly 100 innovative organizations through GLG’s phone consults, surveys, written deliverables, and other custom offerings.

Grant makers turn to GLG Social Impact for insights on program design, implementation, and measurement. We also provide grantee consultations and support.

Sample engagements include:

  • Understanding business-process outsourcing in the Middle East
  • Consults on American urban redevelopment processes
  • Analysis of the Ebola crisis’ effect on the economic, social, and health systems in West African countries
Impact Investors

We help impact investors understand and maximize return and minimize risk. Support includes market scans, diligence calls, deal specialists, and board placements.

Sample engagements include:

  • Diligence on off-grid energy infrastructure in South America
  • Best practices for structuring impact deals to preserve liquidity and emphasize impact
  • Place-based impact audits to inform social-return metrics
Consulting and Advisory Firms

To understand complex social issues and validate or dismiss hypotheses, nonprofit consultancies and advisory firms utilize GLG’s custom offerings.

Sample engagements include:

  • Phone consults on waste recycling in India
  • Expertise for an advisory meeting on adaptive strategy, rapid innovation, and lean principles
  • Landscape analysis of K-12 formative and interim assessments

Our Impact

Learn how our Fellows have worked with GLG to transform their organizations.

  • Bringing Organic Produce to Families in China

    Matilda Ho
  • Fighting Youth Unemployment in Africa

    Misan Rewane
  • How Frontline is Training the U.K.’s Next Generation of Social Workers

    Josh MacAlister
  • How Veterans are Reshaping Disaster Relief

    Jake Wood
  • myAgro’s Revolutionary ‘Mobile Layaway’ Platform

    Anushka Ratnayake
Compass Working Capital

Compass Working Capital provides financial coaching and savings programs to low-income families, empowering them to build assets and savings as a pathway out of poverty. Compass envisioned several strategies to expand its programming and worked with GLG to explore potential partnerships and necessary infrastructure upgrades to support them. Through conversations with both affordable housing developers and employee benefits managers, Compass improved their understanding of for-profit housing authorities and employment-based service providers as potential partners in their national rollout.


D-Rev is a nonprofit medical device organization. When the D-Rev team identified neonatal nutrition as an area where a new device might have significant impact, particularly in India, they turned to GLG. To help D-Rev better understand newborn nutritional needs, GLG connected them to a former GE executive with ten years of experience in child and maternal care in emerging-market health systems. The D-Rev team also spoke to Nestlé India’s former general manager of special nutrition for infants and mothers, who provided an overview of regulations in the Indian milk-banking space. With this insight, D-Rev was able to expand their product line to include neonatal CPAP machines.


Drinkwell works to address the water crisis in India and Bangladesh by combining patented filtration technology with a franchise business model. Drinkwell turned to GLG for expertise and best practices in Finance and Operations, including hiring, outsourcing, manufacturing, budgeting, and funding, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. To continue developing and refining their technology and products, the Drinkwell team gained key insight from GLG Council Members on the economics and logistics of commercial water purification and water softening. Drinkwell has developed crucial relationships with experts in India, who now act as ad hoc advisers to the Drinkwell team.

The Future Project

The Future Project (TFP) is devoted to ensuring that students graduate high school with the necessary skills to change the world. The TFP team wanted to learn about best practices in talent management – and following conversations with GLG Council Members, TFP created its Employee Journey Mapping, the organization’s first tool to track an employee’s complete experience arc. The system includes features to facilitate rigorous onboarding, performance evaluation, career-pathing, internal transitions, offboarding, and post-exit strategy. The leadership team was able to collect data and determine further goals using this tool.


Nest recently began working with brands such as West Elm, Eileen Fisher, and Patagonia to develop supply chains that advance artisan and homeworking communities and build a more transparent and socially responsible industry. To better position itself as a partner and service provider for brands, Nest conducted a survey with GLG about the sourcing and compliance practices of major brands. The results confirmed that subcontracted homeworkers and artisans contribute significant production from their homes. These results directly affect how Nest designs, prices, and builds their brand-facing services.


Pursuit increases economic opportunity by providing computer programming training to individuals from underserved and underrepresented backgrounds in New York City. Soon after beginning the GLG Fellowship, Pursuit (formerly Coalition for Queens) launched a rebranding initiative. GLG connected the Pursuit team with a former marketing executive, who helped identify the process for renaming and repositioning the organization. To inform their branding-selection process, Pursuit conducted a survey that collected reactions to five name and logo options from both consumers and hiring managers at software firms.


Solstice expands access to clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to American households at no upfront cost. Solstice joined the GLG Fellowship just as they were expanding their operations to multiple states. Through conversations with GLG Council Members, the Solstice team learned how to design and implement an ambassador sales program, optimize Salesforce for tracking sales, analyze complex KPIs, assess two-sided marketplaces, and implement a strategic employee compensation plan to incentivize results.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon (TR) maintains a roster of nearly 50,000 volunteers, including 45,000 military veterans, standing by to respond to global emergencies. TR joined the GLG Fellowship as they prepared to hire a Chief Information Officer, who would be responsible for overseeing the protection of volunteers’ information. To help the team learn what to look for in candidates, GLG connected them with a number of high-level information security professionals at banks, universities, and other major institutions. As a result, TR was able to better assess candidates and successfully developed security policies to present to their board of directors.

We’ve turned to GLG in support of many aspects of our organization, from internal operational questions like how to build an effective product development function, to improving data security and expanding partnerships with employers. At each turn, the GLG team provides an outlet for crafting our thoughts and access to insights that shape our decisions.

Aimée Eubanks Davis, Braven, Founder and CEO

When you have a question about a certain subject, or about a particular strategy, you can spend time as well as personal and social capital tracking down the right high-level person who has thought about this issue for the last 20 years… Or you can use GLG.

Kiah Williams, SIRUM, Co-Founder

GLG supports our culture – we ask hard questions and acknowledge when we don’t have the answers. In 2017, an unprecedented year in frequency and severity of natural disasters in the U.S., we called on GLG. As we sent volunteers into dangerous and chaotic situations in Texas, Florida, and California, that access to GLG allowed our organization to bend instead of break.

Jake Wood, Team Rubicon, Co-Founder and CEO
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