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Leaders face countless critical decisions with limited time and resources. They increasingly rely on GLG Strategic Projects’ flexible and scalable engagement teams to access diverse expert perspectives and to rapidly uncover actionable insights. We pair the real-world knowledge of industry experts, curated from our network of more than 600,000 professionals, with the rigor and capabilities of seasoned consultants and researchers.

What Sets Us Apart

Real-world Experience

Gain access to GLG’s network of more than 600,000 experts to uncover new insights and challenge conventional perspectives.


Rapidly deploy an engagement team of experienced, top-tier consultants.


Rely on a tightly-managed model to ensure completion on time, budget, and with high-quality insights.

Flexible and Scalable

Build the team to match your business challenge and scale as needed.

How It Works

From beginning to end, a GLG Strategic Projects Team Lead oversees these purpose-driven, collaborative teams to maximize resources and ensure accountability, compliance and the highest quality deliverables.


A dedicated Strategic Projects team scopes project objectives, timeline, deliverables, and resources for each client.


We curate a team of industry experts with real-world expertise and seasoned, top-tier consultants who have demonstrated thought-leadership.


Engagement team leverages GLG’s vast resources to execute on the project. The Strategic Projects team oversees the timeline and deliverables.

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