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Transforming how investment professionals find and utilize expertise across banking, management, and research.
Investment Banking

Qualify opportunities, prepare for pitches, and source transactions more quickly and at greater scale.

Investment Management

GLG partners with banks’ investment management businesses in both public and private investing by providing context and perspective across all stages of the investment cycle. Our clients include equity, fixed income, and alternative investment teams as well as private equity, merchant banking, and global infrastructure funds.

Investment Research

GLG helps differentiate sell-side clients’ research by providing access to unique market insights from on-the-ground industry professionals and academics in all major fields and regions.

Mergers & Acquisitions Finance

Our clients collaborate with GLG Council Members to find highly specialized expertise to help them win new business and serve clients. Access to former executives and industry consultants drives industry understanding, strengthens strategic recommendations, and puts our clients in a position to succeed.

High Yield and Distressed Debt Trading/Research

High yield and distressed debt professionals leverage our network to locate Council Members who can support and enhance their knowledge of industries and companies in their investment universe.


The development of new therapies, devices, and diagnostic tools is driving rapid change in healthcare. GLG helps healthcare investors stay ahead of that change by connecting them with the largest and most varied network of key opinion leaders in biotech and pharmaceuticals, services, and medical devices and diagnostics. Learn more

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Case Study

Machine Learning Data for Smart Cities

In 2018, a major software company was preparing to launch a new product that collected machine learning data for smart cities. Partnering with GLG enabled them to better understand the unmet needs of their key personas.

Case Study

The Future of Tesla from Every Angle

In May of 2018, production delays for Tesla’s Model 3, outstanding financial issues, and missed output timetables led to a downgrade of the company’s bonds.

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