Case Studies

International Arbitration

Hydrologist Expert Witness Case Study

A partner at a law firm in Ireland sought a hydrologist who could opine on dams used for providing hydroelectric power and drinking water. The ideal expert would have experience operating dams in both Europe and North America.


How GLG Helped

Within 48 hours, GLG introduced our client to a California-based hydrologist with over 30-years of academic, research, consulting, and advisory experience. The law firm retained the hydrologist, who testified at the arbitration.

VOIP Expert Witnesses Case Study

A partner at an Asia-based law firm sought several experts in voice over IP technology to assist in an international arbitration. Our client sought a technical expert who could speak to the hardware and the operation of such networks and a software expert who could talk about the systems designed to allow end-user control.


How GLG Helped

The firm retained two experts through GLG: an experienced network engineer to cover the hardware angles, and a former director of engineering at Google to educate on the software aspects of search. These engagements are ongoing.

Specialized Dam Expert Witness Case Study

A partner at a UK law firm sought an expert in fly ash impoundment using earthen dams to testify at an international arbitration stemming from a U.S.-based environmental incident. The expert needed to have extensive prior experience constructing similar dams and be able to opine on the construction of the dam at issue.

How GLG Helped

Through GLG, our client retained a seasoned dam expert as well as a consulting expert who specialized in fly ash containment at coal plants.